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Why Temporary Staffing

Why Temporary Healthcare Staffing Makes Sense |

Our nation's healthcare industry faces a critical challenge: Hospitals and healthcare facilities are facing a shortage of healthcare providers, which could put patients at risk. As the nation's leader in temporary and permanent healthcare staffing services, AMN Healthcare plays a valuable role in fulfilling staffing needs for almost any scenario. How AMN Healthcare can help you:

  • Meet your staffing needs. We can supplement your staffing needs during census fluctuations, openings of new units or hard-to-fill scheduling situations. We strive to become part of the overall integrated staffing model for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

  • Achieve an optimal staffing balance. We can assess your facility's needs to recommend the most effective mix of travelers and full-time staff to accommodate regular and peak census periods. By providing personalized, one-on-one recommendations and management expertise, our talented service team can help you meet the unique financial, clinical and operational goals of your facility.

  • Find the right healthcare professionals for the job. We have the largest supply of staffing skills, which gives us the ability to provide healthcare professionals across a continuum of disciplines and assignment lengths. Our innovative recruitment process, unique multi-brand recruitment strategy and variety of assignment length options gives us access to the largest network of highly skilled, qualified healthcare professionals in the industry.
By opting to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by temporary healthcare staffing services, hospitals and healthcare facilities can rest assured that they will be in good hands with AMN Healthcare.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities look to medical staffing agencies like AMN Healthcare to fill temporary and long-term staffing needs.

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